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Project Description

Cape Contours

Landscaping Solutions and Design

  Connecting people with nature through the creation of inspiring and functional outdoor spaces, each one as unique as your thumb print.

Situated in Muizenberg, Cape Contours have provided a full range of landscaping design services across the country and internationally.

Company Profile

Now in its 9th year and growing rapidly, Cape Contours Landscape Solutions provides a comprehensive landscape service to a wide range of clients; both private and corporate. Our focus is on consultation, design and implementation of award-winning landscapes, construction of precision gabion retaining walls, and installation of Living Green Walls.
Based at the foot of the Muizenburg mountain range in Cape Town, Cape Contours is well situated geographically to take advantage of projects in the Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs and City Bowl area. However, projects are not restricted to these geographic areas, as we welcome all opportunities in the Western Cape and even further afield.

Each project under our care is nurtured and installed by a conscientious team of experienced garden crew-men, dedicated to providing the very highest level of service, design excellence and fine detail implementation.

Our designers and project managers have considerable experience in mobilizing, coordinating and managing dedicated and experienced teams, for both large and small projects. To facilitate creative and imaginative landscape solutions, we at Cape Contours gladly collaborate with any associated design professionals, contractors and artisans in order to seamlessly coordinate and manage a comprehensive works schedule, while providing clients with a harmonious design outcome.

With individually tailored approaches to best meet our clients’ requirements, we understand and incorporate each site’s unique characteristics, while taking advantage of its constraints and maximizing its unique qualities – for a beautiful and functional landscape that will only mature with age and enhance property value, whether you sell next year or pass down from one generation to the next.


Step 1 : Brief

We commence the design process with a complimentary meeting with the client to develop a comprehensive brief, discussing the client’s requirements, objectives and individual stylistic personality. We also discuss functional flexibility and long term goals, developing a thorough understanding of how the site can best be moulded to suit the lifestyle of the client.

Step 2 : Plan

We then identify the unique characters and constraints inherent to each site; considering aspect, altitude, soil structure and fertility, prevailing winds, minimum and maximum temperatures, average rainfall and any other individual criteria such as views, traffic noise, neighbours etc. Our designs are then thoroughly thought out, using the existing architectural style as a foundation, and accommodating all the above conditions and needs.

Step 3 : Quantify

All our designs are precisely costed with a detailed Bill of Quantities, to ensure optimum transparency for the client as well as ease of amendment to any particular features. This also allows us to easily coordinate a works schedule and collaborate with any associated professionals as required.

Step 4 : Install

During construction, all our jobs are fully supervised under the personal guidance of a project manager as well as the dedicated experience of an on-site supervisor. We work hand in hand with the various contractors and artisans to help ensure that each design is perfectly executed with the highest possible level of quality and care.

Step 5 : Maintain

In order to monitor that the landscape matures correctly over time, we also offer a maintenance contract for a renewable period of 3-12 months after installation so that we may ensure the landscape develops correctly.

Garden Design

We believe that a well-designed landscape is an artistic expression, of both client and designer, which morphs the divisions between a building and its surrounds. Our experienced designers guide each client through a comprehensive design phase, consulting and advising on all aspects from concept, style guides and plant selection, to the final master plan.

Residential Landscaping

We aim to understand and incorporate a site’s unique characteristics, while accommodating its constraints and maximizing its unique qualities. The installation of all hard and soft landscaping works is carried out by one of our appointed project managers with the aid of a senior supervisor and team of experienced garden crewmen.

Commercial Landscaping

Cape Contours Landscape Solutions has an extensive commercial client portfolio including Developers, Architects, Landscape Architects and Government institutions. We offer a professional and high-quality, consultancy, supply, and landscape implementation service for corporate and commercial landscapes (including sports fields).

Gabion Walls

Gabions are simply dry-packed stone walls contained neatly within wire mesh baskets. Rather than having to hand-dress large, heavy stones in order to painstakingly build watertight structures, packing rock into mesh baskets creates a slightly looser and lighter feel that has a softer and more natural effect in a landscape. Water is able to pass through these walls freely which makes them ideal for use as retaining structures, raised beds or terraces where water-logging is a problem.

Living Green Walls

Living Green Walls (LGWs), also known as vertical gardens, add a beautiful living element to exterior or interior walls and architecture. These marvellous living tapestries can be used almost anywhere, with innovative designs uniquely customized to fit any space. They can be adapted into a portable screen or partition between spaces, an extended planting surface for fresh herbs and vegetables, or to add a lush backdrop in apartments, restaurants and shops.


When the Cape Town Flower Show 2016 told us they were planning on launching a revamped, upgraded, and completely re-imagined Flower Show after years of absence, Cape Contours leapt at the chance to get involved. Aiming to celebrate all things garden, from international planting trends and designs for living outdoors, to innovative products, interactive workshops, demonstrations and competitions, local food, culture and community, how could we pass up such a special opportunity?

To find out more about our installation and the wonderful and helpful people who made it all possible, please follow the link below to read our full blog entry.

Cape Contours Flower Show Entry


Contact Us for Landscaping Solutions

Looking for expert garden design services? In need of reliable garden maintenance? At Cape Contours we offer landscaping solutions, garden implementation, living green wall design, gabion construction and much much more.

Based at the foot of the Muizenburg mountain range in Cape Town, Cape Contours is perfectly situated geographically to carry out garden services and landscaping in the areas of the Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs and City Bowl area. However, projects are not restricted to these geographic areas, as the need for our landscaping expertise has taken Cape Contours throughout the Western Cape and into Africa.

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