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Celebrate World Soil Day on 5 December 2021.  This year’s World Soil Day theme is salinisation. Defined as an increase in water-soluble ground salts, excessive soil salinity is a global problem. 
Celebrate World Food Day. ‘Our actions are our future. Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life’ - is the theme for 2021 World Food Day.
What should landscapers do if they find invasive shot hole borer (ISHB) on a site where they are working? What does the law say?
SALI is hard at work - with sister organisations in the green industries - to get all landscapers in the sector back to work - safely and responsibly.
Thursday, 06 February 2020 14:56

Allergenic ragweed is NOT new to South Africa

In January 2020, ragweed – a highly allergenic weed native to North America – was detected in a Durban pollen spore trap. Invasion scientists counter medical hysteria with groundtruthed facts...  
Landscaper, Mia Marsay and Willem Snyman work together at Fresh.ngo planting trees (all donated) and cleaning up tonnes of trash in and around wetland and riverine areas in Gauteng. World Wetlands Day offers a spotlight... 
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