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Interested in landscaping with timber in South Africa? Wood is the world's most sustainable building material and is increasingly being used by landscapers across South Africa.
Celebrate the 2023 Trees of the Year this Arbor Month. Source indigenous trees from a SALI Select Supplier 
Joint water conservation efforts to be promoted by Rand Water, SAGIC and SALI this summer. 
Wednesday, 26 July 2023 01:00

Turning the tide on mangrove deforestation

Mangroves are part of South Africa's forest assets. Turning the tide on the deforestation of mangroves involves raising awareness
Plant commemorative trees, take a picture of the tree and fill in an entry form. Participants will be awarded with a certificate for their contribution to the National Ten Million Trees Programme.
Tens of thousands of poached succulent plants have been confiscated since the Covid lockdown of 2020. A report on the stripping of 1.5M succulents from the Northern Cape. By Tony Carnie, Daily Maverick.
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