Celebrating landscapers on World Women’s Day

World Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March

SALI asked several female industry leaders to share their advice to fellow new and existing women in the green industries.

Wander through our gallery of outstanding women in the South African landscaping industry.

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Joanne Hilliar

Joanne Hilliar

A legend who has spent nearly four decades (38 years) in the green industries, Joanne Hilliar is the owner of Landscape Design Consultants International.

Joanne is a treasure-trove of experience and knowledge. Her advice: "Our industry has much to learn and we in the industry must be humble in our ability to assess the problems at hand".

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Lebo Ramakuela

Lebo Ramakuela

Lebo Ramakuela has been in the green industry since 1991, an astonishing 31years. She was employed for 13 years before she become the CEO for Libra Landscape and Facilities Management 16 years ago.

Lebo's advice: "Prior-to the success, you will have to get your hands dirty until you get to eat the fruits of your labour and hire workers who will do the work for you".

I once heard Richard Branson say, "Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming."

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Gail Dreyer

Gail Dreyer

Gail Dreyer is the director - owner of Tshala Plant Brokers. Gail has been in the industry for 38 years.

Gail's advice: "Have self-respect. Trust in your capabilities and intuition. Be quick to rectify your mistakes (we all make them) and learn from them. Make all your efforts count."

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Mikki Roxmouth (right) receives a Trophy Award from Carl Pretorius of Just Trees 

Mikki Roxmouth

Chief Executive Officer of Bidvest Top Turf, Mikki Roxmouth has been in the green industry since 1996 (total of 26 years).

Advice: "Set measurable goals for yourself and continually measure your performance to these goals. Love what you do because this is how you spend 50% of your waking hours. Be determined but do everything honourably and honestly."

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Dina Lamprecht

Dina Lamprecht

Dina Lamprecht is a co-owner of the Plant Elite Group. She has been in the industry from 1995, thus 27 years.

Dina's advice: "Giving up is not an option".

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Laurel Cadle-Barber

Laurel Cadle-Barber

Laurel Cadle-Barber is the co-owner of Groundworks Landscapes.

She is currently the SALI Cape regional chairperson and have been in the green industry of over 10 years. Before landscaping, Laurel was involved in community food gardens.

Laurel's advice: "Be brave, work hard, and wear comfortable shoes".

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Jenneth Prinsloo - Winner of the 2019 SALI Shield for Landscaping

Jenneth Prinsloo

Jenneth Prinsloo, CEO Tswellapele Plants CC/Plantwise and has been in the green industries for 31 years.

Jenneth's advice: "Enjoy the experience of creating something new and fulfilling someone else's dream or vision. Success is the most humbling and gratifying feeling. Like music for the soul. Being so blessed to work in this beautiful industry, I embrace the challenges with enthusiasm and dedication and rewards will follow".

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Norah de Wet

Norah de Wet

Norah de Wet is the co-owner of Peninsula Landscapes in Cape Town.

Norah's advice: "In recent years, progress has been made toward creating gender equality in the workplace. I would encourage women to take up the challenge with confidence and change any bias they encounter by getting more women into leadership roles.An ongoing conflict for many women in business is balancing family/work responsibilities.

While managing our family-owned business over the past thirty years, I soon realized that working alongside employees who are also focused on the success of our company allowed me the flexibility and support to juggle both roles effectively. Loyal employer/employee relationships are a business' greatest asset, so ensure they are nurtured".

Ida-Marié Strydom

Ida-Marié Strydom

Ida-Marié Strydom is a director of the Life Green Group. She has been in her respective field for over 25 years and is currently a director of South African Green Industries Council (SAGIC).

Ida's advice: "Working in the landscaping industry - for me - over the years has been wonderful experience.

Always give your best no matter what you do. There is a solution for everything. If you don't know something, ask for advice. Plan your projects carefully. With proper planning your projects can run smoothly.

Build relationships with your customers. Have regular meetings with them. One successful project will lead to another.

It is also necessary to have a super strong supplier base with good quality products. Your suppliers are critical to finish projects on time.

You are only as strong as your team. Treat your staff with respect. Be an example. I will go to 'war' with my team.

It is also important to give back to the industry. Get involved in SALI and support the greater green industries. What you 'put in' is definitely what you get out".

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Karen Marais

Karen Marais

Karen Marais, professional Landscape Architect and Director of The Ochre Office (Pty) Ltd, has been in the industry for 16.5 years.

Karen's advice: "Be open to the world and learn from every experience.Our paths have led us, be it by choice or chance, into this incredible and ever-changing industry that feeds off nature and people and place.How wonderful to play a part in knitting them together for the betterment of each.

I do often fail at it, but I attempt to approach each day being playfully deliberate – an oxymoron in its highest form, but at its heart it is about knowing the direction you'd like to go.The aim is to have intent, but allow for those unexpected and often-fortuitous points of chance and adaptability".

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Rhulani Rhobakgale

Rhulani Rhobakgale

Rhulani Rhobakgale is the director and owner of LO Mobile Landscaping.

Rhulani's advise: "In business, career and life in general, invest in financial and human capitals, but mostly, normalise investing in social capital.

As when challenges come, your relationships will sustain you. When you rise you will lift them up and when you fall, they will lift you up, in all the other capitals and aspects of your life."

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