10 ways Life Green Group is using less paper

//10 ways Life Green Group is using less paper

10 ways Life Green Group is using less paper

What’s with all the paper? We’re in the business of planting trees not cutting them down!


Life Landscapes, a division of Life Green Group, is making a concerted effort to use less paper in the office; after all we are in the business of planting trees not cutting them down. Here is how the six divisions of Life Green Group are using less paper in our day-to-day running of the office.

1 – Using QR Codes more, and business cards less

Life Green Group management and sales teams are now relying more on QR codes and QR code scanners; therefore we print fewer business cards. This not only saves us money but make us feel better the amount of paper we are printing.

2 – Shifting focus to digital marketing

We are focusing heavily on digital marketing and have been putting a lot of effort into our blogs, Facebook page, Linked In account and are choosing to advertise in online magazines and with Google Adwords.

Technology offers us many solutions to use less paper

3 – Clients reports are done online

Our Area Managers use project management software to report to clients online.

4 – Invoicing and quoting are online

All quotes and invoices are emailed digitally rather than by snail mail.

5 – Submitting tenders online

Life Landscapes Installations and maintenance are starting to notice that clients are asking for us to submit tenders online This is not only stops us printing but saves us petrol, time and money.

Rather submit tenders online

6 – Using iPads for digital reports

Life Indoors is getting iPad savvy! The Life Indoors managers will be using iPads instead of clipboards to submit their site audits.

When we do have to print then this is what we encourage our employees to do the following:

7 – Printing double-sided

So you only use half the amount of paper!

An IPad is a great alternative

8 – Grayscale Printing

This means you use less ink so we don’t have to replaces ink cartridges. Greyscaling means you only use ink from the black ink cartridge.

9 – Only printing Current Page

Firstly, we only print when absolute necessary but instead of printing the entire email we just select the option to print Current Page.

10 – Composting shredded paper

Office paper is shredded and added to Life & Earth’s worm farms and our In-Vessel Compost machines along with the food waste from the office.

There is use for your old paper – composting

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